Stork Announcement Signs for the Celebration of the new Baby!!!

Storks have been an ancient legendary sign of baby delivery throughout early history. According to European mythology, Storks are responsible for bringing babies to new parents.

In 1838, this tradition was further emphasised in a popular story by Hans Christian Andersen called "The Storks". Even later in 2016, this tradition was emphasised again in a popular movie by Warner Brothers/Sony simply called "Storks".

You too can carry on this tradition with a Stork Announcement Sign celebrating the birth and delivery of the newborn baby.

Let a representative come and setup our Stork Announcement Display. We offer special Boys and Girls Stork character sign rentals that come with a large Personalized Star which you get to keep as a memory of this special day. Our Stork signs are eye-catching and the total display is approximately 42" high x 42" wide with the Star.

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